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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

What a year, what a month, what a day! Sheesh!

It has been quite a year! Last January I found out we did it, we made a baby and our lives would never be the same... and they haven't! For that reason... William Lucas... It has been the best year! However in some other ways I am ready to kiss this year a big goodbye and get on with it!

Some other events that happened was the passing of my uncle leaving behind his two young children, Luke's grandma had a heartattachk, my sister going through some very tough personal times, and now dealing with learning to be a single mother with a toddler, my mommy breaking her arm and needing surgery, she is still recovering, and I'm sure there have been more!

I go back to work on Monday, and of course as I am "not ready" and I will totally miss him, I have been very blessed with a 3 month maternity leave and will be able to jump right back into work where I left off. This I think will be good for me, good for Luke and Will too! I just don't think I am cut out to be a stay at home mommy forever...

So on this day, this last weekday I will have off we relaxed, my body has been trying to get sick so I have been drowning myself in tea and trying to fight it. Then all of the sudden tv reporters break in, sirens all start going off and the storm/tornado's start! The worst of it all was sunset hills where my parents live, luckily their house is fine but I cant say that for the rest of the community! Buildings, cars, houses, all destroyed it is crazy seeing the places we go all the time up on the news in shambles!

So tonight I will stay in with my boys, safe and sound, home sweet home; and count our blessings. Though it has been a tough trying year I try to remember that things can always be worse and every cloud has a silver lining. I would lie if I said I wasn't nervous about returning to work, but I was also very nervous about labor, "pushing", pooping for the first time, breastfeeding, circumcision care, and many more, however, I have made it through like a walk in the park. I look forward to sharing the trials and triumphs that the new year brings to my sweet loving family with my other mommy friends!

Happy NEW Year... and Welcome 2011, lets kick 2010's ass!

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