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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Roundup

My little Turkey's first Thanksgiving!
Hi Bennett! Isnt his sweater adorable!
Our Family, maybe next time we can have a picture without the pretty facial hair that has since departed the Wilson house, thank god.
We had a lovely first little Thanksgiving with William, I could not of asked for anything more! My heart bursts with all the things I am thankful for this year, our health, our amazing new baby boy, our jobs, my long maternity leave, our home, our families and friends.... well this list could go on forever. Really makes you realize you have a lot to be thankful for and try and just forget about the other things. There are two problems in my life that if they got fixed or went away my life would be perfect, well perfect to me. Just two that doesn't sound too bad when put like that!
We got to see SO many people over the holiday, it was a very humbling week spent with all {most} of my favorite people.
Luke's family doesn't do much for Turkey day so we got together with them last Sunday to catch up, his mom aka Gigi, loves Will so very much, he is so lucky to have a Gigi that loves to cuddle, and be with him all the time.
On thanksgiving we went to my grandma's she is getting older but still loves to make all the yummy food! I have to say this year all of the food was amazing for some reason it was like the best tasting Thanksgiving food EVER! Someday I will need to learn how to make these things so I can make a turkey dinner for my family.... not yet though.
After spending time over there we went over to see the other Wilson's, (Luke's good friend from high school married a Wilson), her family was in town from Louisiana and at her sisters house. Her sister is expecting in February and it was good to see and catch up with all of them, and Momma Wilson was excited to get new baby cuddles in with Will!

Friday I got up and tried to go get a tv on sale at Walmart, it was sold out, it was early, and I wish I would of stayed in bed, ohh well.
Then Will and I were off to Columbia for the day to visit with my friend Ashley, our friend Laura was also there and Ashley's sister. We all had a really fun lunch, Ashley's generous Mama also offered to watch Will so we had lunch just the girls. I haven't had that much fun in two hours in a long, long time. :)
Luke thinks I am a bad driver, I am not, just maybe not as cautious as him, but I think he was glad to see us Friday night.

Saturday I got 6 of my friends together to do lunch at a new brewery in Kirkwood. Jim and Leslie were in town from Arkansas so it was great for all of us to get to see and catch up with them! Then I hung out with my mom and Luke got to go out with his friends.

The BIG news!!!! Friday AND Saturday night Mr. Will decided he was a BIG boy and slept through the night!!!I don't know if it was the long days or what! But went down about 10:30-11 and woke up around 6:30 both days! Holy Moly, was I happy! Saturday morning I was in a fog (as usual) when I heard him in the monitor and couldn't remember if I had been up in the middle of the night or not, but then I felt and saw my massive mommy boobies and quickly realized what had happened!
I think he might be getting a bit of a cold so it hasn't happened again yet, but we are on the right track!
Sunday was spent as a lazy family of four lounging around the house, after I got in some more Christmas shopping of course!
I am almost done!!! I started early, online while I was still at work, and I am glad I did, I don't want to be hauling Will around in the cold and with the crowds. I have a few more people to go, and already have 3 returns to make but all in all I should be done in a week or two! Ya Hooo!


  1. Your little turkey did look so cute for his first Thanksgiving! Glad you guys had such a nice holiday and that you were able to squeeze in some time with your girlfriends. Mostly though, CONGRATS on your early Christmas gift of sleep!!! So exciting and I know you felt like a new girl. :)

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  3. whoohoo! way to go will! pass on the tip to your friend jack!


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