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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ho Ho Holidays!

Can you guess which one is our favorite?!
Yup, this one! The best package that will ever be under the tree!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Wilson's! I am so thrilled we will get to spend our Christmas with the best little bundle of joy! When I was little all I loved to play with was baby dolls and barbies and that is mostly what I was ask for, NOW I have have my very own baby doll, and it is so much better than I could of ever imagined! It is so exciting all of the new traditions we will be able to start with Will and carry on with our family throughout the years. Luke's mom (Gigi) got Will his very first stocking, I need to post a picture because it is adorable and makes me so happy to see his little stocking hung that he will empty with excitement in years to come! I loved Christmas when I was little and I feel like my parents went above and beyond to make every year special and memorable for us, I hope to work hard to make it a special time for our family as well.
Next weekend we will travel to Illinois with my family to visit my grandparents and my dad's side of the family. We hardly ever get to go there especially during the holidays so I am really looking forward to it! Also my parents, sister and Bennett are all coming, I cant remember the last time we all got to go at the same time!
So this weekend was our only weekend left to GO SEE SANTA! We decided to go Friday night, I thought it would be less crowded than Sunday. Our friend Tara told me about Bass Pro Shop's Santa I was very pleased with it, and I think we will definitely be going back! This Santa took LOTS of time with the kids, which made the line go slow but it was worth it! They also had lots of different crafts, games, and things the kids could do. Of course we just saw Santa but mommy got to leave with some chunks of homemade fudge, score!
Being the BEST boy waiting in line to see Santa!
Getting excited!!!
Ohh- So while we were waiting I casually told Luke next year when we come I will be pregnant! Yay! (totally kidding of course) I think he was speechless for a second before looking at me to see if I was serious. Ha! Were happy with our family of three for now!
First visit with Santa!
I also love that he didn't look creepy, sorry but some Santa's are just scary looking! This one even spent time talking to WILL! He told him he will get lots of vanilla wafers this year for Christmas before starting with all the toys next year.
It was so nice of him but I left a little confused about this, maybe he saw the massive mommy boobies and figured Will needed some cookies to go with all his milk?!?
Hope everyone is enjoying getting into the holiday spirit!


  1. precious, it's this time of year just amazing as a momma?!?

  2. He's such a cutie. Christmas is just more exciting this year, isn't it?


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