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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting Elmo at Busch Gardens

We debated going to Busch Gardens, tickets were just as expensive as Disney, and I didn't know how much we would all be able to do. But after a little research on their website I saw that they has a whole Sesame Street area and knew we had to go. Will likes Sesame but his most favorite thing is Elmo, so of course I forked right over the money for a special one on one lunch with Elmo. We planned our day around this and I'm so glad we did, I was not disappointed and it was most definitely one of my top mommy moments to date. While Will didn't like getting too close to the characters for pictures and such he loved seeing them in person and watching them from a distance. Lunch was also more food than I would of thought, a private covered area to get out of the heat, and they gave us a souvenir photo of us with Elmo. Lunch came to a close with a dance party with all the characters that of course momma couldn't resist... such fun!
The rest of the day we had fun riding rides, playing in the water, and seeing the sights and just as we were getting ready to go we got stuck in a huge down pour. Will was in the stroller, prego momma fell on her a*#, lets just say it wasn't the most ideal way to end the day. But it was definitely one of the most fun days I've had with Will. A special day JUST for him, just what I wanted! :)

Watching the show with front row seats

train ride

Scared of BIG bird! He was BIG!

Riding his first ride!

My bubba and I at our special Elmo lunch

Loving his cupcake!

Giving Elmo 5's

Backing off

Waving and chatting.... from a distance

Family pic

Dancing with cookie monster

Water fuN!

Photo op with dada, love them.

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