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Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Days!

Some cute memories from my phone I wanted to document before this momma's pregnancy brain makes them go bye bye...
We've started looking for big boy beds, and mr big boy knew just what to do at the furniture store
Will LOVES smoothies luckily I make them often and we split one. Chock full of spinach, fruit, juice, and flax seed its a healthy choice for him!

We had a fun morning at the park the other day
then we were off to our library class, so fun!

Thanks Pintrest, for the idea to save egg shells

we painted them all then hammered them away, Will loved it! Now I need to make some egg casseroles to get more shells! breakfast anyone?
There are not many things that keep Will entertained at the store at 22 months old but the race car does the trick... well the race car and its buckles :)

sharing a fudgecicle with momma on a hot summer day

and "driving" tractor, may be a little sticky for dada next time

Will and his friend Cooper

We went swimming with some friends and Will was obsessed with their dog.

they were SO sweet together!

Will likes to bring toys to the table to watch him eat, these choo choos were giving kisses
hat boy


Sid the Science Kid at the magic house, Will and Bennett were too scared to say hi to him :(
My sister at 35 weeks pregnant :) in the shadow room

Will went down the BIG slide (3-4 stories) and LOVED it!

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  1. So cute!! We really need to plan this play date he's to handsome for Kenzie not to meet!! Hope your feeling well!! Bump update?plus pics?:)


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