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Friday, June 17, 2011

Roads to recovery!

Video of my busy little 8 month old playing hard...

So Saturday Will starting showing signs of a cold by Monday is nose was running like a river and cough was even worse so daddy took off work and took him to the doc. She said to wait and it should get better soon. By Wednesday not only was Will worse worse worse, momma was not feeling so hot either. Gigi came over to help us get better and after contemplating all day that afternoon I took Will back to the doc. His one ear was getting worse than it was Monday and since he was not getting ANY better on his own she got us some antibiotics and advised us to begin the breathing treatments to help him get over this awful cough. He takes the meds twice a day like normal and has only had 3 rounds and I can already see a HUGE improvement. Thank goodness. It was literally breaking my heart watching this little boy cough so hard. I am trying to keep a log of when Will has gotten sick and his medicines, when I have time I am going to go through the blog and document all of this. I think this is his third time on antibiotics.

While Gigi was helping Wednesday I whipped up a double batch of homemade lasagna and took that, bread, and brownies over to Jackie and her family. I love helping people out and even more so when they are so appreciative. I cant tell you how many "thank yous" I have gotten from them. I cant imagine what she is going through with two kiddos around so anything we can do I know is a huge help to them!

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