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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fathers Day weekend

Big boy William in his new car seat!
Will's FAVORITE FOOD to date: Mac & Cheese, insert: meltdown once it was all gone!

Spinning with papa Jim

Hanging with Daddy on Fathers Day

Showing Grandma Betty how we get mad

I figured I better post about Fathers Day and weekend before another weekend passes! I haven't had time to upload pics from our camera yet so any of these are from my phone. Luke only has one set of grandparents left and they haven't met Will yet, They live in Hutchinson KS where Luke lived when he was young and it is about 8 hours away. They were in town and we got to spend a lot of time with them which was great. I still am not accepting of what happened to my grandma ad this year, I mean I know it happened but I guess since I didn't make it to the services my heart is having a very hard time letting go. I think she is still there at her house cooking and thinking of us, which I guess is not so bad... I am just going to have a hard time going there and realizing I'm wrong.

Anywho... It just melted my heart to see Luke's grandparents interact and get to know lil William. Grandma Betty had ten children. Yes ten! Luke's dad is the oldest = LOTS of grandchildren and great grandchildren. You'd never know it by the way they were excited and fascinated with their sweet lil William. Thursday night they came over to our house to meet him and have pizza, Friday night we went to Luke's brothers Tim's for dinner. We left there about 9 so Will was in bed at 9:30, normal bed time is 7:30 or 8. This was the test to see if this would help him sleep later... if you call later 6:30 am. Not ready for that yet I guess. And then Sunday we went to Luke's dad's house for Fathers day. I am so glad we got to spend so much time with them, it was a great visit!

Monday we went to my mom and dads with my sister, Greg, Bennett, and my grandparents. We had homemade lasagna from Nana (YUM!) and the boys are getting SO cute and playing and interacting together more and more everyday!

I hope Luke had a good first Fathers Day, we made him a card complete with some pictures of William of course and a got him a new travel golf bag to use for when we go our of town. He is so excited and thinks this means he needs to plan some golf trips... ut ohh!

Saturday we took babysitter Jackie's two children Faith and Evan and went to the pool then back to our house to play, it is exhausting having three children, and two so close in age! But we were glad to be able to help them out! Will being silly with his great grandparents.

Peyton counting her "tip" grandpa gave her for being our waitress

and reading a book with grandma.

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