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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wednesdays and the Little Gym

I am so thankful my dad (boss) is being supportive and allowing me to work from home on Wednesdays. I can check emails from my house and phone and take care of any pressing matters. It was so much harder than I ever would of imagined going back to work and still (yes still) I think about Will every second of every minute I am away from him. I kind of think something is wrong with me, maybe it is just a momma side effect but it is exhausting to constantly worry and think about your little one! I cant finish work or drive my butt fast enough to go run and scoop him in my arms at the end of the day and know we are back together....till the next morning.

It has really helped me mentally to be able to have that one day... one day to not jump in the shower or out of bed to feed the second I hear the alarm, one day to throw in a load of laundry in between naps and checking some emails, one day to not panic around in rush hour and drive from work to sitters to home.

Most Wednesdays Will and I chill at home, he takes good naps in his crib and I get caught up. Sometimes we will venture out and run an errand together or go to the store but mostly we stay home. I cant wait for it go get nice out and maybe we can go for a walk or go to a park, or just sit in the backyard and get some fresh air for crying out loud!
This completely and utterly sums up my Wednesdays (or whole life for that matter!)
Last Wednesday I decided to take Will to the "bugs" class at the Little Gym They offer one class a week (Wednesdays!) for Bugs, infants 4 - 10 months. Will was having an "off" day because he decided to get up at 3 am and had boycotted his morning nap. I debated not going but he wasn't napping anyway so why not! Even though he was pooped he did GREAT! We sang songs, did exercises, played with the big parachute, and the cutest thing was seeing him check out all the other babies! I would love to keep going to this class with Will and I think it is a great chance for us to get out and do something for him, so often he is tagging along on our errands or watching us clean the house, make dinner etc this is something that would just be one hour completely devoted to him!
Hopefully they'll have us back... Guess who's kid was the one kid to spit up all over the cheese mat all the kids were rolling on????

This lady! (ohh well)
I was a busy momma bee during the class but if we go back I want to try and snap a few pics of him!

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  1. Nick loved going to the Little Gym! We went to the south county one every tues. He can't go anymore cause he's 11 months and we can't afford the real classes lol. I def enjoyed it while we could tho!


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