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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Big Boy Bennett is TWO!

After our long night and early morning it was showered and off to the next event, Bennett's birthday! I cant believe Bennett is two and Will is almost six months! I keep asking myself when my sister and I grew up? It seems like yesterday we were putting on plays in the basement and playing school up in the loft.
If you ask me Bennett's birthday (and Crystal throwing it) had to be extra special this year, I know it makes Crystal's {sometimes aggravating} life so much easier when she is surrounding by her family and great friends! She put on quite a party, from the fun decorations to the yummy sandwiches and cake it was a great success! We didn't have anywhere to be so we stuck around late and spent some special birthday time with the big big boy! Bennett had his whole piece on his fork at once, now that's skillz!

Momma and the birthday boy!

Our family.
My grandpa made a special trip in town for the event. It was the first time ever I have seen him without grandma Ad, I know she was watching and smiling down at us from heaven.

Bennett with his Aquadoodle we got him, This thing is pretty cool!

William got to spend some time with Grandpa Bill which was super sweet! This was his first birthday party to attend and I think he had a great time! He even got some fun presents of his own, score! :)

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