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Monday, March 28, 2011

Mommy and Will's weekend of fun!

My title of the post reminds me "Joey and Janice's day of fun!" Ha... good ol' Friends!

With daddy out of town from Friday to Tuesday it was just the little man and I. It was great to get lots on one on one time in with Will and lots of snuggles!

Our weekend rundown:

Friday night we stayed in and played and relaxed.

Saturday morning we got up got ready and headed over to Michelle's for "baby brunch!" (separate post because of too many cute pictures!)

After that we were going to go see the grandmas or do some shopping but it started to snow and kept coming to we went home and hunkered down and watched the snow fall...

Sunday we went to get Will's 6 month pictures taken, there are SOME cute ones but overall I was not too impressed so were going for round 2 this weekend.

Then Will hung out with a new babysitter I wanted to try out while I went and ran a couple errands. Later Colleen, Baby Jack, and Jessie came over... some wine and girl talk kept me up too late but it was a great end to the weekend! Hats off to single moms I had my first taste of it this weekend, and boy is it tiring!

Will is SO close to crawling, he now just scoots backwards and around in circles, I have been trying to get this on video! Will got really mad at Eeyore for some reason! Ha!
Ahhh all clean!
Last bath in my baby tubby!
5 months old and obsessed with the iphone....

I loved my Will weekend but I am super excited to see Luke tonight and hear all about his trip!

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