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Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Brunch!!!

Meghan and Michelle both welcomed their beautiful baby girls into the world recently...
Meghan: Annabelle Jean and Michelle: Eliza Ann They are both gorgeous healthy baby girls and I have had the pleasure of meeting them both twice now. Jim and Leslie were in town this weekend and some other people needed to "meet" the babies so we all met for breakfast over at Michelle's house. It is always so fun to have us all together! Will loves water and wine glasses, it is so cute because if I am holding him and a cup he always has his hand on it, like he is helping me hold it. I always tell him thank you for helping me hold everything! So of course Will wanted to try out Uncle Jim's mimosa! Mmmmmm!!!
Showing of his superior "scooting" skills!
Josie, Sophie, Grace, William, and Dominick! 5 out of the 7 kids that were there, gosh are we growing up or WHAT!!?! Cuties!
Uncle Jimbo being silly with Will...... Cant wait to have him living back in STL SOON! :)
Best girlfriends!

Nick sleeping with his baby girl.... precious!
Jim and Leslie (in coordinating shirts! ha!) meeting the two new babes!

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