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Monday, October 11, 2010


Leslie and Jim, make it back from Germany and stopped by before heading back to Arkansas to meet the newest addition to "the core" what some of my friends and I started calling ourselves.
Uncle Tim's first niece or nephew!

With Uncle Jim sporting his "uncle jimbo rocks" onesie
Ashley came in from KC to meet the lil fella.

Ross... expecting his first in February.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Nottke... Came as soon as they could, LOVE their great grandkids!

Love this one!

Aunt Crystal couldn't be more thrilled, I love it.

One of my good friends Jessie, just got married... when she saw Will her exact words were. "Craig and I definitely need one!" ha!

Snuggling with Grandma... I took a nap during this, then she cleaned my whole house! Good day.

Lauren and Josie, Lauren is due with #2 in April!

And Michelle is due with #1 in March! Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

William turned one week old last night and ohh what a week it has been! He's met so many special people and made us laugh and cry much more than I would of thought...
Luke goes back to work tomorrow and we are going to hopefully have a little calmer of a week, not much sleep and people over every day/night really takes it out of ya!
Here is a look at some of his visitors!

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