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Friday, October 8, 2010

His Story...

My favorite nurse Holly.
My chunky monkey of a baby boy!

Proud proud daddy....

Happy, Proud estatic Mommy!

First we had each other, then we had you... now we have everything!

I was 40 weeks and 6 days and scheduled to be induced Monday morning, the weekend was spent tying up some last minute things and getting ready for baby. Saturday evening our subdivision had a chili cook off, we decided to go and entered our favorite recipe, we didn't win but got a greater prize later that night...
Everyone joked that the spicy chili would put me into labor, well it might just have! I woke up as usual to pee around 4 am, then went down to lay on the couch and watch a little dvr while I tried to go back to sleep, went to pee again and noticed that I was a little wet, not a lot but I went up to check the bed, thinking my water might had broken... bed was dry, pj pants were dry just undies. I layed down and started to notice some pretty consistent pains about 8 9 10 minutes apart, these went on for about an hour and I decided it was time to call Labor and Delivery. I called and talked to the doctor on call; Dr. Walsh. She advised that it may have broken and without knowing I should probably come in and get checked out. I woke Luke and we both got ready. It was crazy packing last minute things not knowing if next time I would be back it would be with a baby!

I grabbed a banana and choked it down knowing that it might be might last time to eat for hours and hours.

Turned out my water had not broken and I was STILL only one cm, however I was "soft" but blood pressure was high. This was cause for concern so blood work needed to be done, before this Dr. Walsh came in and talked to us weighing some options so I didn't have to get pricked twice. If the blood work came back bad I would need to get induced right away, if it was good I had the option of going home and coming back in the morning for my scheduled induction. We decided to stay, what would be the point of going home and waiting around all day, we had already been there about 2 hours at this point. My iv was started, blood work taken, and we were on our way.

It all came back normal and everything was fine, we were just going to keep an eye one it, a while later Pitocen was administered and the contractions began to get stronger. They were 5 minutes then 4 then 3 then 2 minutes apart and strong!!! I breathed through them and tried the best I could. I could of gotten the epidural a lot sooner but in fears it would slow things down I waited as long as I could. About 2:30 pm I got the epidural and it was fabulous, it went very smooth and everything was great!!... Until about an hour later that is, the "other Dr. Walsh" (her daughter is a resident OB!) she broke my water and Will headed down lower, they put me on my left side and not a minute later she was back in, an oxygen mask was on my face and it was explained to me that his heart rate had drooped, could of been because he dropped or I switched sides but either way we needed to get it back up. Around the same time my epidural was not working very well at all, I had the mask on, was trying to deep breath through contractions with a stuffy nose, and the pain was getting worse and worse, they told me to press the epidural button but it did not help, finally about a 1/2 hour later the anisteologist came back in and gave me an extra dose of meds and all started to feel better, about another 1/2 hour later I was told I could take the oxygen off and baby and I were both doing fine.

After this things moved fast I went to 4 cm, then to 6, My dad was driving back from Tulsa and Luke's mom driving back from Kansas... we tried to keep everyone informed and as Luke went to meet my mom and dad in the parking lot I got checked again.... I was at 10! 10!!!!! I thought my nurse was joking around, seriously, I was just at 4 not that long ago! She told me baby was still at a zero station and he had to be at +2 or +3 to push, so we would labor down for an hour to get him down, this basically meant I sit and do nothing for an hour, which worked well, I got to say hi to my parents, Luke's mom, and my sister before they were kicked out because it was time to push!

I loved my delivery nurse, Holly, she was so great, taught me how to push and exactly what to do, I listed very well and did exactly what she wanted, I wanted this to go as quick as possible! After about 4 trial pushes she wanted me to stop because his head was coming and we needed the doctor! Luke got to see his head and I was so excited at this point! We had two nice girl nurses, Dr. Walsh (same one I talked to on the phone at 4 am) and a boy resident, when he came in I told him he was not doing ANY thing to me, he asked Luke and I if he should leave.... we said no I just told him I didn't know him. ha!

After about 2-3 pushes my son was born and put in my arms... Life as I knew it was complete and I the reason I was put on this earth had just been born...........William was finally here. Luke cut the cord!


My dad, William, holding William.

My mom and dad got there, I was so excited to see my family!

In the morning, pre epidural, ready to have my baby boy.


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  2. What a great birth story! Say a prayer that mine goes as smooth!

  3. This is so sweet and has me wiping tears from my eyes! You did such a fabulous job getting that baby boy out and I love the pics of you and Luke right after William was born, they are priceless! Sounds like you guys are doing well and adjusting as a family of three. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. aww, sweet William was so worth the wait:) I love your birth story, and the pictures are just priceless. I'm with Steph, whipping the tears off of my face!


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