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Monday, October 11, 2010

Special Memories (1 week)

So much has happened in this first week, I wanted to take just a second to remember a few things....
- The first night home from the hospital was a learning experience for all of us, where should you sleep, should we really wake you to eat, changing diapers, the list goes on and on... Daddy had an especially hard time, he did not want you sleeping in your crib, he wanted to keep an eye on you at all times (we bought a nice video monitor but that still was not good enough for daddy) after many attempts to make you comfy, bassinet, swing, in our arms, in boppy, I told Luke to just try your bed, a few minutes later I went in and found that daddy had stripped all the sheets off the guest bed and curled himself up on the floor of your nursery next to your crib.... we are not overprotective at all ;)

- When daddy went to change you the first night before bringing you to me to feed, I kept hearing him say ohhh Come ON will, and REALLY!??! When I asked what was going on (5 min later) he brought you into me in just a diaper.... You had kept pooping again and again and again while getting changed and then daddy got peed on.

- Mommy has gotten peed on three times in the first week, not TOO bad! The first trip out of the house was to the pediatrician Thursday, I was stressed to say the least. I had never been anywhere with him, so I packed the diaper bag, extra outfits, diapers, and I am still "healing" so things for me as well. We had you in a cute little outfit and were all ready to go, went to change you one last time before we left and of course you peed ALL over us, your outfit the wall everything! So much for being on time ;)

- Your first doctor visit went well, we met grandma afterwards and she got so worried when we hadn't called because we were a 1/2 hour late and she thought something might have been wrong... Nope Just took the doctor close to an hour to answer ALL of Mommy's questions, the Doctor nicely said at the end of the appt that she loved my list and organization, this of course made me happy I had found such a great and understanding doc.
8.8 born

8.2 1/2 when we left the hospital

8.2 at the first doc appt Everything looked absolutely perfect! :)

- Luke went to get out of the house for a bit Friday and came back with a very special gift for me, he got me some nice earrings with Will's birthstone (pink turling) Photo above: Just more proof that the hormones are on overload!

- Mommy and Daddy have eaten pizza for 4 of their past 7 dinners home.... I don't want to look at a pizza for a long time! Not that we are lazy; just the easiest thing to say when people ask what they can pick up for dinner or when people are over and we need to order something for everyone.


  1. this may be my favorite post of all time:) y'all are too sweet for words, I just love it!

  2. Whose your pediatrician? Can't imagine how nervous you must have been taking him out on your own!

  3. Um is that some jewelry I see you opening? Doesn't your hubs know about Saettele Jewelers!!!!
    Just kidding, your little man is so sweet and there is NOTHING like being a new parent! Having this ew person around trying to figure out how the heck to care for them, it's awesome. Love your pix!


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