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Friday, October 1, 2010


I'm still here... got hit with a bad bad cold Tuesday and just now starting to feel better! Guess it came at just the right time, I cannot imagine of being in labor exhausted and pushing with the way I was feeling. I was due on Monday and today is officially our last Friday pre baby, and last weekend if he doesn't come. The calling starts Monday at 6 am to see if I can come in to start labor (going to have to get induced with pitocen) Hopefully not too many ladies go au natural and take all the bed spots! Hoping for an early call, but all we can do is wait and see.

I cant believe in three short days I will be holding my dear son, I have felt him move in me, and dreamt of him for so long I cannot wait to meet him face to face!

Of course I don't like to keep things boring so yesterday I decided to drench my iphone in water on the kitchen counter and not notice it for hours later... fun stuff. Since they do not insure them and my plan is through my work I could not just go buy another one... and so the search began, did find some on craigslist but opted for going through lovely ol facebook and found a couple from some people we know on there, Luke is out picking a phone up for me from a friend I had in high school, then he is going to pick up zias, ahhhhhh sweet zias, has been my favorite restaurant since I was itty bitty, Love their crispy tomato appetizer and baked spaghetti, boring but ohh so good. I am thinking of this as the "last meal"
If lil Will stays put Saturday evening we are going to our subdivisions chili cook off and I think Luke is going to partake in the competition, and Sunday evening we are probably going to stay close to the home base and prep and relax for the events of the next day!
In a way it is nice, I can pack my last minute things myself, coordinate sitters for Boomer, make sure house is perfect, and just mentally prepare. On the other hand it is a little difficult watching.... the.... clock.... ;)

Depending on how Monday (or before) goes we are going to try to update the blog/facebook a couple times with what is going on, and then when I am feeling up to it I will post a pic or two, or have my lovely sister do some posting for me.

Till then, take care friends and wish us luck on this next amazing journey and experience!


  1. Good luck!! I am so excited for you!! Life totally changes ;O)

  2. Good luck! I was induced and I liked knowing that I was going in and getting a little bit more prepared (even though I only had about 6 hours notice to get to the hospital in a snowstorm!)


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