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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our typical day...

Our lives are going to change so much when it is not just the two (three) of us anymore so I thought I would do a post on our typical days now, and then maybe one in a few months!

The dreadful alarm goes off at about 5:40 -we are supposed to get up and walk but that maybe happens once a week. Hit snooze about 3 times till Luke gets up and goes downstairs, I then crawl to the end of the bed to find my way to where Boomer is curled up and lay there for a minute enjoying the silence before the day begins. I get ready for work and make my way downstairs where Luke is either getting up off the couch from watching sports center to catch anything he missed from the previous night or putting away dishes and making coffee. We chat for a minute and discuss the evening and he heads upstairs to get ready for work, I leave about 6:45 or 7

Some days I try to run an errand during lunch at work or on my way home and Luke tries to take care of any rental property phone calls and emails during his lunch time at work, he has been super busy though and not taking a lunch or just taking a 1/2 hour so this has been a little difficult.

I usually get home around 5:30, Say hello to Boomer and talk about our days as I let him out. Then I will clean up the house a little and get something out for dinner, then it is usually back to the computer to check emails, this has gotten a little better since my new phone I am not attached at the hip to the computer!
On nights where neither of us has any plans, baseball games, or appointments....Luke comes home from work around 6:30 and we eat dinner together, talk and watch some shows. Lately taking a bath has become pretty common for me and seems to help some of my aches and pains, if I ask nicely Luke will come up and talk to me while I take a bath otherwise he will watch sports for a while.
We get to bed pretty early around 10 and watch tv or read for a bit, then it is time for some sleep to get ready for another wonderful day!

I can only imagine how much our life is going to change soon, I hear people say that their baby's sleep till like 8 am, this is great because I will be up way before then (even on the weekends) so I can shower and get a lot done before he even wakes up! If not I plan to get up super early so that I am showered and all ready and can spend some time with William before I am off to work for the day. I think that more time will be spent coo'ing over our new bundle of joy and not worried about what housework needs to be done and what project to do next and I am so excited for that!
Less that 3 months to make everything absolutely perfect before our little addition arrives!

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  1. Great post! I just did a similar one and it's really crazy how much your life changes. In a good way of course!


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