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Friday, July 9, 2010

List of knowns... or unknowns...

This is one of those things it will be fun to look at in a couple years from now to see how much your answers have changed!

Ten Things I Wish I Could Say to Ten Different People Right Now
1. You work too hard, go to the farm and relax
2. I love you more than I can ever describe.
3. Please finish chewing before you come talk to me.
4. You don't even know the meaning of the word busy
5. Yes I am pregnant.... are you crazy!?!?
6. Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte please.
7. Just cry. I know you need to. Just call me and I will be there and we can cry together.
8. I have not met you yet, but I've known you my whole life, you are so special and perfect and I love you so much already!
9. Why. Why. Why. do you spit on the ground like that, that is disgusting!
10. I work. I am pregnant. I am huge. It is summer, I am hot. My house is dirty. I have nothing left to wear. My dog needs to be washed. I have a mile long things to do list. I miss my family and friends. But sure I will be there, no problem!
Nine Things About Myself
1. I try very hard to recycle paper at work that is only used on one side, and it makes me cringe when people just throw it away.
2. LISTS, are one of the greats loves of my life
3. I have dreamt about being a mommy my whole life- therefore I am living my dream, who gets to say that?
4. I secretly love to watch bachelor/ette, I love the drama!
5. I hate taking medicine, I don't think it is all good for you. Sometimes all you need is a few deep breaths, not to pop some pills.
6. I would lay down in traffic for my husband, I am very protective of him and want him to be happy at all times.
7. Love to indulge in a glass of wine... or two.
8. I love to have a clean house, it makes me feel good, however our tubs and shower are disgusting, I don't know how to clean them and think I might throw my back out if I try.
9. I dislike maternity shirts with a tie in the back.
Eight Ways to Win my Heart
1. Scoop out my ice cream for me
2. Be a good friend, be there for me, laugh with me, bitch with me.
3. Tell me I will be a good mommy, and I am doing GREAT at the pregnancy, sometimes I just need reassurance.
4. Care about animals
5. Be a good mommy or daddy, there is nothing more special to see than great loving parents.
6. When we talk, remember ask about how something in my life is going, So many people go on and on and forget this sometimes.
7. Make me laugh... really hard
8. kick me right when I think about you... I swear we are telepathic already.
Seven Things that Cross my Mind a lot
1. Is William okay?
2. Will we EVER get some of the things on our to do list crossed off?
3. Will we ever get rid of the god forsaken rental property?
4. What will labor feel like, is it really that bad, will Luke be able to handle it/me?
5. Is my mom okay, is she bored, does she need to go to the store, does she ever get lonely?
6. What does Luke REALLY think when he looks at me.
7. What is going to happen when I am on maternity leave... how will it all work?
Six Things I do Before I Fall Asleep
1. Get a glass of water
2. Snuggle, hug, kiss, or hold a bone for Boomer.
3. See how much longer Luke is going to stay up.
4. Plug my phone in (sometimes)
5. Sit in bed and think about the next day and what it holds, what time I need to get up.
6. Either read a magazine, book, or watch TV, usually Chelsea latley.
Five People Who Mean a Lot
1. Luke
2. William
3. Boomer
4. Both of our families
5. Both of our friends!
ha ha... is that cheating?
Four Things I'm Wearing Right Now
1. flip flops, feet are still swollen from wearing heels last night.
2. Black top
3. bracelet from Luke
4. Wedding Ring
5. Black Bra, the last time I will be able to squeeze into this one!
Three Songs I Listen to a Lot
1. Glitter, Pink. Might be my favorite of all time
2. Really need a wish right now, wish right now... don't know the actually name.
3. Chicken Fried.
Two Things I Want to do Before I Die
1. Raise 2-3 beautiful, smart, honest, loving, caring, children who are generous well respected members of society.
2. Go to Italy/Paris/Europe/Rome with Luke.
One Confession
1. I don't think I have ever blogged at home I am so busy with house/family/friend stuff once I get and when I am at home it is literally the last thing on my mind, and it is not that I am not busy at work, even on the most busy days I blog and facebook just to take a little break and not lose my sanity!

Ok friends! Your turn - let's see your lists! Comment on this post with your blog website so I can see your list!

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  1. OOOO I am so going to do this to pass some time!


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