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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Wilson AKA:

HEY, What is my little Brother's name???
Well at first we were going to keep this a secret, I thought it would be fun to revel after the birth, and I didn't really want any opinions. But if you know anything about me you know secrets are hard for me to keep... just about as hard as it is to keep ice cream in our house these days.
Drum roll please DUMMMMMMMMMMMM...
William Lucas Wilson
William is after my grandpa and dad (and apparently an uncle and some other relatives) and we just found our that Luke's grandpa's dad (great grandpa) was William as well. And Lucas after... Luke! He will be called William or Will, no Billy or Bill. (this is the next question people ask)
For fathers day for my dad I gave him a card and inside I wrote all the qualities I wanted William to have, strong, loyal, hard working, loving etc... and went on to say that is why I chose the name that gave him all of these great qualities. I think my dad felt very honored, and there were definitely some tears shed at the dinner table that night.

So, What do you think?


  1. I LOVE that name! I love Will also! If we have another boy we want to do Luke as the middle name also!

  2. Great name! So classic yet a family name!!

  3. Worst secret-keeper ever! ;) Can't wait to meet Mr. Will - already love him!


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