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Monday, July 26, 2010

My amazing baby shower!

The little man's wardrobe has begun!

One of my favorite boys in the whole world!
Little does he know I am making him a very best friend! :)
The "petite ya's" My moms close friends (the ya's) all have at least one daughter,
here is most of us!

The YA's!
My grandma and aunt came in from Illinois, it was so great to have them there!

3 of my best girlfriends, Michelle, Winnie, and Meghan

Luke's niece Peyton, excited about a new cousin!

A handmade quilt by my moms close friend Michelle, she started working on this when I told her I was pregnant, it is very special and even has his name, and says Riverdale on the barn.

My sister and I, she made me take one picture while wearing the sash.

Yummy Cake!

Saturday my moms friends, the ya's and my sister threw me an amazing baby shower! There was a TON of great food, a yummy cake, fun games, and of course lots of presents! William has so many "aunts" and "grammys" and he has no idea how much he is loved and how excited everyone is for his arrival! This was the first time I saw William's name on things which was fun and exciting, and he ended up with a loot of shoes (taking after mama?) is there anything cuter than newborn shoes and boots!?!?
A big thank you to all!


  1. Okay seriously, can you start to look swollen and crappy like every other 8 month pregnant lady?!? You make this look way too good!!!

    Love the shower pics and your dress. Is it maternity or regular, I'd love to have one for myself:)

  2. Looks like a great shower!! Love your dress!!

  3. Love your dress! I'm so sad I wasn't in town to be there. The quilt is precious, something he will keep forever, I still have the one my mom made me to this day. Your shower looks like it was perfect, fun, and with a lot of love all around!! ;-)

  4. Looks like such a fun shower!!!


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