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Monday, March 5, 2012

A toddler of a photoshoot!

A few weeks ago we had our photo shoot with the always lovely Whitney. She was our wedding photographer and did some of Williams newborn pictures, it was fun because she hadn't seen him since then! We decided on going to Old Towne St Charles, it was cold but it was a nice sunny day. This momma obsessed over planned out what we would all wear, some poses to "for sure" capture, locations that would be good.... but one thing I forgot to plan on is my little tiny sweet infant turning into a totting toddler who wanting nothing to do with getting his picture taken, nothing....
My goal was to get some sweet photos of William alone, and a couple family shots of us three.... Whitney worked with us as well as she could, even decided to come back home with us to see if we could capture some more. I am almost postivite he was cold because once we got back home he was a whole new baby, but he still decided he ran the show during this saturday photo shoot and it was "Wills way" or the highway!
Half way through we even resorted to bribery which worked for a minute, mommas bribery was a little different considering I rewarded myself with a large glass of vino after this was over and someone took a nap....
Don't know if I will put us through another one of these until we can explain to William that he is getting his picture taken, or when we can bribe him better! 

 althought this is not my favorite shot I can usually tell when I am faking something, a kiss, a smile and this photo is 110% true love to me.

 first bribe, 16 months.... LOL

 for some reason this might be my favorite.... messy boy.

look at my face.... thoughts in my head.... "its almost wine time, you can make it!"

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  1. I know that feeling!! We did 18 nth pics and goodness was Kenzie more stubborn than usual!! At least you got some at home, I think that's what I will do next time. They are cute tho and your family is adorable! Your gorg!!!


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