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Friday, March 30, 2012

Swim lessons

We decided to do the infant swim classes at our local rec center with Will. He has cabin fever, and I wanted him to get used to the water for the summer. The session is six classes on Saturday mornings and our friends {who just moved by us!} decided to join with their son Jack who is four months younger than Will. I was scared Will would be the oldest in the class but there is another little boy his age, {he comes with who can only be known as super dad} the rest are younger.
I knew Will would love it! He loves the water, kids, and activities that make mommas sing and look like idiots Mary Poppins.... remember her? :) Will likes to float on his belly and do the lazy river but hates to float around on his back.  
I was in the water with Will for the first class, he did great. His favorite parts were jumping in to me, (he got dunked and did great!) and playing with the toys after.
Luke and Ross got in the second class because Colleen had burned her hand pretty bad and could not get in. They all did good but got a lucky pass and got out of class right before the group singing began. Kid puked in the pool.... Luke could not of been happier.
The third class was just Will and I, Jack was sick. Dada came for a while to watch but left to help his mom move. We did great, but man is it hard wrangling up a slippery toddler and getting him and yourself dressed in a little locker room stall, may or may not have flashed some people during this class.

I am not super impressed with what we are doing or learning during class, the girl who was supposed to be our teacher got in a bad car accident after the first class so we've had a different teacher every time. Not sure if this is why, but we have not learned anything. But all in all it is a fun activity to do with Will and he gets to run around at the end and enjoy himself, money well spent :) 
Me, Col, and our boys
floating with dada

singing hokey pokey....
Wills favorite part is running around after class like a mad man


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