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Friday, March 30, 2012

Our weekend and Purina Farms

I don't know how but our weekends are always jam packed, even the ones that start off with nothing end in a whirlwind of two days. However, Fridays are different.... for the past few months Fridays have been pretty quiet, tired from long weeks but excited for fun weekends. We've been playing when we get home and just spending time together, ordering in dinner and after Will goes to bed we watch something fun and spend some time just relaxing and catching up. I've found myself looking forward to these lovely Fridays at the end of the busy week. In Wilson fashion we started our Saturday bright and early rushing around, packing up some clothes, and eating in the car to make it to our 8:45 swim lesson. Then Will and I went off to  Meemaws to do some laundry and dada when to help his mom move. We met up a few hours later for a fun family day.
Purina Farms is a sweet little place just 20 minutes from my moms, I hadn't been since I was little and they had been advertising their spring time festival so I knew it was time to take Will. I've always loved animals, farms, and of course sweet little baby animals, and Will is no different. It was so much fun watching him run up to the cow and MOOO and pet the little piggys. 
Before my dad moved the the big city he lived in a great little farm in Illinois when he was younger they had sheep and ever since then my grandma would get the kids little sheep stuffed animals I remember ours from when I was little and Will's sits proudly on his shelf in his room, for some reason after bath time he always likes to love on it.... and I love this. I digress, When we walked into the room that held all the new baby animals I was quietly hoping we would get to see a lamb. After making our way around we saw the sweetest little baby lamb and tears welled up in my eyes knowing grandma Ad was watching down on me and Will as we petted him. 
We walked around and saw all the animals, saw some fish, met with the Easter bunny, and caught the dog show at the end.  It was supposed to rain all day but ended up being just beautiful! It was one of the most perfect little family days ... then later ended with a 102 fever, never a dull moment thats for sure!
With some doses of ibuprofen the fever was down, I took Will to the doc this Wednesday and she gave him a zpak to help with the nose/cough issue he's been fighting for 2 weeks, which I think is due to these bad spring allergies so we got him a script for claritan too. 
Sunday was Bennett's birthday party at the park, it was another gorgeous day and a great little party! 
When we had time we've been working on our laundry room which I THINK will be completed this weekend (hallelujah!)
Will with all the kids singing happy birthday
cool dude

Will looking down on the baby ducklings

Petting the sweet lil lamb

Looking at a moomoo with dada
I love pigs! They are so stinkin cute!

hey horse

soaking in a hug from my sweet boy.

our family
Watching the piggy enjoy some lunch, and oink oink!

Will was not sure what to think of the Easter bunny!

Watching momma give the bunny some 5's

One tuckered out boy!

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