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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My big big boy!

Well, as much as I want to fight it, as much as he will always be my sweet little baby, William is growing up more and more everyday. Our next step in the process of "becoming big boy" and getting ready for baby was moving Will to a big boy bed {and freeing up the crib} Will is staying in his room, we got him a new double bed and new furniture and it is in the transformation of becoming a pretty cool {Will's new choice words} baseball themed big boy room.
I was nervous for the change, would he like his new bed, would he fall out, would he keep getting out and playing, how would nap time go.... and after four successful nights and two naps I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.
I read up on the subject and wanted to follow a couple tips, I wanted to switch Will with plenty of time left before his brothers arrival so he didn't think his things were being taken or go through too many changes at once. I also kept his new bed in the same spot in his room that his crib was in. We follow the same nightly routine and his has his sound machine and favorite loveys to keep him company.

Thursday the furniture was delivered and Luke got it all set up before we got home, while Luke gave Will a bath I set up his new sheets and bedding and got his room in somewhat of order. He was so excited when he went in and saw his "friends" waiting for him in bed! I got a body pillow and have it under his sheets so he cant roll off which is working great for now, so far he has not attempted to get out of bed at all!
Thursday night after Will was soundly asleep and we rearranged some furniture in the new nursery I broke down a little, he's just getting so big. Luke of course looked at me like I had 10 heads but tried to understand, and I told him " tonight its a bed, tomorrow he'll be leaving for college" ok.... a little dramatic maybe, but it was almost hard to see him make the transition so seamless and smoothly.
Last night in his baby bed, so bitter sweet!
extra long snuggles before bed time

checking out his new digs

bunny and tiger are in here, it MUST be cool!

Ahhhhh.... {you know its gotta be more comfortable than the crib}
Waking up happy in the morning
and flash forward 13 years.... not wanting to get out of bed!

First nap in his bed, a 3 hour success!

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