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Friday, November 16, 2012

30 weeks and a little scare {long}

30 weeks is here and I cant believe we are nearing the end, Thanksgiving coming up then Christmas, then baby time! I have been feeling pretty good but there were some things I wanted to mention to the doc. Some days the swelling gets really bad, one day in particular....
I worried pre eclampsia but after putting them up for the night and drinking some water it went down and hasn't been as bad since. I've also had some braxton hicks, ohh and my legs turn purplish sometimes when I'm in the shower.... Doc says not to worry about any of these, all are fine and completely normal, especially with a 2nd pregnancy. When she went to measure me we were hoping I was up.... 23 weeks measured 23, 28 weeks measured 25, and now 30 weeks I still measured 25 cm. Doc did a quick ultrasound and found that baby boy was transverse, laying left to right instead of top to bottom, he was more in a diagonal position. This explained the measurements (which are not all that accurate anyway) Then she noticed my placenta placement looked low and asked me if we'd discussed placenta previa. I immediately started tearing up and told her my friend just delivered at 26weeks because of this. I went on to ask a million questions, (why they wouldn't of seen this at my 20 week) We went back to look at my big 20 week u/s and it looked okay but she decided I needed to get in to a high risk ultrasound just to make sure exactly what was going on. My doctor said if he says transverse she could try and turn him (ouch) but she knows me and that I'm a freak and gave me worst case scenario options about the placenta... I'd have to deliver via c section soon 30-31 weeks but me and baby would be healthy and fine. me: "fine, but its not an ideal situation" doc: "no, not ideal and Ashley I know you and I know you need things to be ideal so lets get this figured out." I was sent home with a lot of questions in my head and a lot of restrictions to follow, the worst, I shouldn't be lifting Will. I was basically on modified bed rest funny since I didn't sleep a wink. I called bright and early the next morning to get in to the ultrasound, with some of my best persuasive skills I got in Friday morning at 8:30. I worked all Thursday, took Tylenol pm and before I knew it I was in the waiting room. Luke met me there, I needed him.... or so I thought. Right away when the ultrasound was started the tech said that he was head down, I kept looking back and forth between the screen and where she was on my belly to make sure, because I couldn't believe that he shimmied his way down there all on his own, already. He must of heard the warnings I'd been giving him. Placenta looked high, fluid levels looked good, and baby boy is measuring a little over 3 pounds, right on track! God does a good job at putting things in perspective for you, for 48 hours I was a scared mommy, but I was also reminded just how lucky I was to still be carrying this baby, and for him to be healthy no matter how weird he decided to lay. I am thankful everyday I can make these sweet loving babies but this week a whole new sort of thankful hit me.... God you are good, you are so so good and thank you for giving me this amazing opportunity. I will smile with every hard kick, laugh through the back pain, and embrace labor, this is such an amazing thing I have been chosen to do and I am forever grateful for that. 

Its been a rough week to be a big brother... I think an extra special weekend is in store :)
cookie and elmo wanted in on the 30 week picture as well! 

my sweet boys profile face, he still covers his face with his arm, shy boy.
Cant wait to kiss these sweet toes!


  1. So glad everything is ok! Sorry you had to go through that scare.

  2. so so so thankful that everything is okay, you take care of yourself lil momma!!!


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