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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snuggle Bug

Will can be such a little snuggle bug and it is just the best time! He often has some fussy time in the evening (which is very common after all the activity of the day) one way to calm him down for a nap is to put him on your chest on his belly. He doesn't get a lot of time to sleep on his belly and I think he likes the heartbeat sound... However when trying this tactic on mommy we often get confused and think it is dinner time again ;)
So off to daddy we go, doesn't look like he minds too much does it!
We also have another favorite time that unfortunately we might have to break him of eventually. After he eats at about 5-6 am he does not want to go back to bed, in his bed... so we often spend some time looking around and hanging out in OUR bed then go back to sleep in there, either in mommy or daddy's arms or on his boppy.... just something about our bed.
I don't want him to revert to hating his bed so I am going to try to stop this everyday occurrence eventually but for now I think we are all enjoying it. Sometimes I am so tired that when I wake up with him in my arms or next to me it is a pleasant surprise because I forget that he came in :)

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