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Friday, September 24, 2010

My little love....

William, your cousin Bennett loves you so much and cant wait to meet you! When we were visiting with Bennett the other night Crystal wanted to get a couple pics while the belly is still around, it was so funny right as I lifted my shirt Bennett was amazed and kept looking and touching the belly! She posted HERE, I look up to my sister so much, I always have. She is such a great mommy, goes above and beyond to make sure Bennett is always happy, healthy, learning, and laughing... Crystal sorry in advance for the endless phone calls and emails you will receive from me asking questions!

I became blogger buddies with some girls who were due around my due date, and 3 of them just had their babies, there dropping like flies!
Congrats to all, love seeing the pics and hearing the stories!!!!

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  1. AWWWW that picture is too cute! :)

    Now that you got that picture and your maternity pictures, it's time for Will to come out to play! :) We're ready (and I know you are too, Ash!)


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