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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just the two of us...

Luke and I have been dating since my freshman and his Junior year of college, around May 2003. Since then we have had too many up's and down's to count, lots of fun times shared, lots of different addresses and different occupations, but shared one thing, a strong love for each other.
Soon it will not be "just the two of us" anymore, we wont just pack up and leave for a weekend, we wont decide late in the afternoon to go to a Cards game because I had extra tickets at work, and I am thinking that second...achemm third glass of wine, just because... maybe be a thing of the past.
BUT, words cannot even begin to express how excited and thrilled we are for it to be the THREE of us! I have wanted to by a mommy ever since I can remember. When I was little if I wasn't found playing house with my baby dolls something was wrong. Here is a little look back on some memories before we start this next amazing chapter of our lives.
I love you Luke. I fell in love with you, then you made me the happiest girl on earth when you asked me to be your wife. I will never forget our wedding day and how incredibly happy we both were. Now you gave me the greatest gift I could ask for, to be a mommy, here's to the next chapter.

This is as far back as I can go on my shutterfly account, yes Luke and I dated PRE digital camera days.... makes me feel old! 2006 Cards play off game before we won the world series!
2007 Joey and Lindsey wedding at the Lake, They just welcomed their first son Burke into the world. Okay, so this must be right after the 4 wheeler accident where I broke my arm/shoulder, I can tell by the boney neck and short hair.
2007 (i think) Luke left for 5 months and went on a fishing tour with Berkly promoting products, I flew in to see him ONCE for my birthday, it was a long five months!
Before he left I threw him a little good bye party at Helen Fitzgeralds.
New Years 2007 (i think) at D. Dooleys
2006, man, on one hand I miss the days of going out all the time on the other I don't... here we are at Broadway Oyster bar a popular hangout for us.
Okay, I know I know, it wasn't exactly ever just the two of us ;)
Parasailing 2007 Mexico: day after he POPPED the question
He couldnt get the words out and I couldnt get the word Yes out...
We are both huge cry babies, William is doomed.
2007 engagement pictures, Union Station

Engagement Pictures, Happy Family of 3, Forest Park
September 2007 awesome couples shower my girlfriends threw for us. Such a fun day!
Fall 2008 Pumpkin picking at Eckarts, Fall has always been a favorite time of ours and we cant wait to share this with William.
Fall 2008 Halloween Party
Table Number Picture taking for the big day.
April 2008 Our amazing wedding
Will he ever be able to lift me like this again?
On our honeymoon, a cruise to St Maarten, St Thomas, and San Juan Purtio Rico
Welcoming Bennett my nephew into the world minutes after he was born. February 2009
Valentines day 2009 Taste of Soulard
Mexico November 2009, Last trip before we were "trying" Cant wait to go back and take William!Cardinals Game April 2010 my birthday.
August 2010 Anxiously awaiting our little miracle.


  1. Love all the pics and seeing your hair transform ;O) I like it now its the color I am going for!

  2. I had fun looking through all of your pictures! So many wonderful, fun memories ... and now so many more to look forward to!! :-)

  3. love this! y'all are going to be wonderful parents and a wonderful family:)


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