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Friday, August 6, 2010

Maternity Photos

Here are some maternity photos I had taken, she puts 15 one facebook and sent me a link to more, if you want to view them all go HERE click on proofing and type in ashley1
We had set up some packages with my wedding photographer to do Williams newborn shoots and possibly a maternity shoot for me, then an old friend on facebook saw some of my "bump" pics and messaged me telling me she is doing photography but still trying to get her portfolio going, so I went ahead and scheduled a session with her. I figured if they didn't turn out good we could always still do another one, if I get pregnant again who knows if the belly will look this good the second time around ;)
Monday was a crazy day, I felt nauseous in the afternoon at work and ended up throwing up at my desk, I went home shortly after and debated canceling with Jackie but I didn't know when I would reschedule so I had a 1/2 hour (which I was supposed to be doing my hair and makeup) and I layed my head on the couch. Well I passed out and woke up to Boomer barking because Jackie was at the door! I quickly got ready, Luke got home and we got started. About 15 minutes in I had to keep sitting down I was so light headed and the room was spinning (not exactly the maternal nurturing picture setting) Then all of the sudden I had the urge again and was on the bathroom floor, mostly naked. Again I powered through thinking well, these pictures are definitely going to suck but whatever....
I didn't have time to get ready, I am sure I was pale etc from getting sick, it was hot out, I was hungry. But to my surprise they turned out really good, I wish we would of gotten a few more, and I wish Boomer would of cooperated more, but all in all we got some really good ones!
I get to pick ten to have on a cd that I can print from, anyone have any favorites to help me choose these ten?
We were also thinking of doing one for a blank wall in our bathroom, and a small one for William's room.


  1. Great pics! You don't look sick at all

  2. They look amazing! I did some over the weekend and cannot wait to see how they turned out!! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. You look amazing! THose pix are great! My photog was free too cause she was trying to get experience. I love free (or cheap) pix!


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