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Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's getting hot in here....

Sorry if my posts have been a little complainy lately, but I am in the home stretch of pregnancy in the dead heat of one of the hottest summers we've had for a while... I'm allowed.

At my work I wear many different hats, one of them being a sales person.
I don't have a lot of accounts just a few, one is a pretty big one.
Today I had a meeting at the big customer. They are only about 5 minutes away so of course my car couldn't completely cool down by the time I got there. It is well over 100 out today including heat index I think it is about 115, tack on over 20 pounds of baby bump and everything seems to be harder to do... even getting in and out of the car. The good thing here is, I don't care what people think of me, nor do I get embarrassed easily, so me looking like a complete fool is a daily happening.

Back to my story:
I go in; I am hot but fine... go to meet with my guy and we go in a conference room with windows all along one wall, it is HOT in there, I don't know if the door was closed and it acted as a sauna or what but it was HOT! He asks if I am going to be ok, of course I say sure, one thing I do not want is special treatment of any kind just for being pregnant.
Half way through our meeting I completely stop listening and talking and all my attention is brought down to my legs which have been crossed.
Humm...Why in the hell are my legs all wet? I felt like I was in a bath tub.... I crossed them the other way to try and figure out what is going on under there (while still pretending to listen and nod).... I am sure you could of heard the swish from my legs moving. With my incredibly shrinking bladder of course the first thing I think is the worst... but thankfully I was dripping from my legs with sweat! I managed through the rest of the meeting agreeing with everything they said, all I could think about was how wet my dress was going to be when I stood up.... or if when I stood up I would stay up because I have a tendency to get light headed these days!
I survived and I am back in my cool office eating lunch, lets just say my underwear has seen drier days.... Is it Fall yet?


  1. Oh no! At least it wasn't your bladder! :)

    Soon, hun! You are almost there. Like you said, home stretch. And then you'll get a maternity leave in the A/C and nothing but you and Will! Hang in there! :)

  2. Hope you're okay! It was miserable in stl and where I'm down at college! Stay cool!


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