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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A drinkin town with a baseball problem!

The All Star game is in Saint Louis!!! Usually I don't think this game is that big of a deal but boy was I wrong, when it is in our town it is HUGE! St. Louie has been taken over by baseball fans from all over!
Luke and I were not lucky enough to get tickets to the game or the home run derby, but we did get tickets to fan fest from my dad! It is basically a baseball theme park... we went last night, the night of the home run derby, it was fun to be down town and feel all the excitement that our city has to offer! And it is cool seeing all the visitors in town and the money flowing thru from all of the events that have been going on since Friday! My friend Shannon is in town from Vegas for it so I will be out with her for the game tonight... but I think we are going to play it safe and stay away from down town tonight!

Luke and I with the cardinals team... we are pointing at David Freeze, one of Luke's buddies from high school!

1982 World Series Trophy

Luke and I in front of the worlds largest baseball

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