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Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we back in college???

Luke and I had a very fun weekend and partied like rock stars but Sunday evening when we could not keep our eye open, it was apparent to us that we are NOT in college anymore! ha!

We got to hang out with our great friends Jamie and Eric Friday night, they came over and we fried okra and made some dogs and hung out... Then Saturday Luke went to the baseball game, all you can eat and drink tickets, while I went to Michelle's bridal shower, then we met back up and met Lauren and Brian up at Helen's, the guys stayed there while we went and tried on bridesmaid dresses for Laurens wedding coming up in October and we found one! I love it too, it is very elegant and chic! After that it was off to Jimbos birthday party to see an Elvis impersonator, it was one of the best times I have had in a long time, Jim had a great group of friends from Illinois and they all took an old school RV to the concert, SO funny! Then we danced the night away at a bar... a bar we didn't fit in at very well. ;) It has been a long time since Luke and I have been out that Jack in the Box is closed on our way home!!!

Yesterday we layed on our bums and relaxed at the pool all day, a great end to a perfect weekend!

Now I will be playing catch up all week from "playing" all weekend, Ohh well that's what summer is for!

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