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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

There are so many events in April for our family its hard to keep up in the blogging world! Here's to trying! 
We had a wonderful Easter weekend, Will is at such a fun age and really enjoyed all the new festivities. Since Easter is right around his 1/2 birthday I can already tell its going to be easy to remember what he was like every year on this holiday, last year he had just started to crawl. 
I'm always off work on Good Friday, Luke worked Friday and Saturday so it was just Will and I. He's just moved to one nap a day and Friday it was a long one, it was so nice because I got to lay down and shut my eyes for a minute after having a longer than planned nice happy hour with my buddy Jimbo. Saturday we met my sister and mom and took the boys to an Easter egg hunt (Will's first) there were tons of people and it was pretty overwhelming. That afternoon Dada met us at church and we enjoyed a lovely Easter service, Will even sat with me for the songs before he headed up to his class room. By Sunday Will knew just what to do when he saw all of his treasures the Bunny hid for him, and I had a great time being the Bunny this year,! The festivities at the Wilson's were wrapping up and we still needed to kill sometime before nap (this one nap is a little bit of a struggle!) So off to the park we went, Will kept looking up at dada from his stroller he was happy to have all three of us there!
Sunday afternoon we met my family at my sisters for brunch and another egg hunt. I knew Will liked candy, not chocolate so much but all the rest! He had so many jellybeans and was running around with cousin Bennett that some of them came back up, lesson to the Easter bunny for next year! The weather was gorgeous, the food was yummy and the company was pleasant as always, I love Easter, the start of spring and looking forward to summer, such a fun time!
We missed Luke's family due to his niece coming down with strep (thank goodness they canceled at the last minute) but we'll make up for it and then some this weekend on Sunday funday!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!
momma and Will at his first egg hunt

my sweet boy

the easter bunny came and left surprises all over!

and a basket full of goodies!

shakin his egg

on the hunt....

on our way to easter!

meemaw showing the boys their loot

papa and william, they look so much alike its scarey

my mom and dad with their two grandsons.... come sept three, my sister found out she's having another boy!

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