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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Luke and I found out!

Read first if you want a Recap!

It was a Wednesday night, I was supposed to "start" on Saturday or Sunday so I decided (after my friend Meghan saying I HAD to) take a pregnancy test. Once I took the famous one question test I could not believe my eyes, 5 minutes my butt, this bright pink line on the "yes" side showed up RIGHT away! I was a good girl and waited before freaking out, I even decided to chug some water from the bathroom faucet to calm down, my way of starting to be healthy?!? I texted a picture of the test to my friend Meghan who was home with her husband and friend doing some major home remodeling, and she called me right away and told me in fact what I saw was true! (she is kind of an expert on this) I must of asked her 150 times if it was right, I didn't want to get happy or excited if for some reason it was wrong! She assured me over and over again to go ahead and believe it, I started bawling instantly, something I have wanted for my whole life had come true! I've known I have always wanted to be a mom and watched friends struggle with infertility, and just like that on a Wednesday night God blessed me with a miracle.

Another post on How I told here:

I decided I would have Boomer tell Luke, he is after all our first born and I thought it would be a good memory. I quickly made him a shirt to wear that said "I'm going to be a big Brother" When Luke normally gets home from work, Boomer is very excited to say hi to him and tell him about his day so to get this on film I had to put Boomer in our room (I lie and tell Luke I accidentally left him upstairs when the UPS man came to the door) Then I tell Luke to look at the mail on the table so that I could get a good "shot" of him. His reaction is so speechless so the video didn't turn out as good as I thought. But like I said...a great memory for us, and for baby Wilson someday!

Sidenote: at the end when I tell Luke he is on candid camera, I should of kept the video going because he then thinks this was all a joke, he says "that was a mean joke!"... I assured him it was real and I am not THAT mean!

As we enter this next journey in our life, it makes me wonder how we will fit it all in a day, we barley do it now with no kiddos! That is why I am going to keep the blog going. not sure how many people read it, I know about 5 for sure (ha!), but to me it is a heck of a lot easier than keeping a scrapbook or journal for my child. I might try to be a super star and do both in the beginning but we all know that good intentions sometimes slack off in the end. Luke and I are so in love with baby Wilson already we feel very blessed that God chose us as parents and we are going to be the best darn parents we can be for this little baby.


  1. aww, that is so sweet. I shed a little tear;) So happy for you guys and your baby wilson! I do hope you keep up your blog. You will love to look back at this time in your life. Love you guys!

  2. l.koi nh jm,o,.'

    Jackson wanted to leave a comment too:)

  3. Haha, I LOVE it!! I especially like the part where you tell Luke it's true because I said so. :-P

    Congrats again! I'm SOOO happy for you both and that video is precious. Keep that forever!

  4. I just balled like a baby. So sweet.


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