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Monday, November 24, 2008


We decorated the house for Christmas! This tradition is usually done the weekend after Thanksgiving but since we will be in KC next weekend we did it yesterday.

We hung lights outside, put up our tree, and put up all of our fun decorations.

While we spread around our holiday cheer I tried out a new appetizer on Luke, ham and cheese Hawaiian rolls. They are SO good, and something new to make for parties this season!

We are stealing a tradition from my sister, getting an ornament each year that symbolizes something from that year, I found the perfect one while shopping at Cabala's, notice how they are marshmallows on chocolate and graham cracker? too cute! We also have some other ornaments that are special to us, one is from my sister, one from my friend Meghan, and of course Boomer has his own ornament he helped to put on!

Here are some pictures of our decorating day!


  1. we love decorating the christmas tree! my husband gets home from iraq thursday so hopefully we will do ours this weekend too! beautiful tree!

  2. Ash I LOVE your decorations! How cute! I actually really like Crystal's idea of getting an ornament that symbolizes something from that year...maybe I will steal that one too when I get a house and tree of my own (hopefefully that will be next christmas). I will need to come by and see it in person! :)

  3. Looks beautiful!! We are getting our tree on Saturday so we'll be working on our house this weekend!


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