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Monday, September 15, 2008

Girls + Jim weekend at Tablerock!

Girls weekend + Jimbo = SO much fun!!! It ended up being just me, Winnie, Meghan, and Jim, Jim lives in Arkansas now, and just about an hour from Tablerock, so we had to invite him, BUT he was just one of the girls! We shopped till we dropped, filled the whole trunk, then Jim carried all the bags inside for us, he even did a fashion show in his new pants. Then we all chipped in and made a huge array of Mexican food, and played Cranium, for the record the Ashley & Winnie team WON, this is going to go down in history!!! The hurricane did hit us Saturday night, but luckily it was by the time we were back to the condo! Cant wait till Girls weekend next year!
Unfortunatly Leslie had to miss Girls weekend due to her grandmothers passing, our thoughts and prayers were with her and her family all weekend, We love you Leslie!

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