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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Luke's Luggage

To Answer an ongoing question that we get faced I thought I would post about this...

NO... Luke never got his luggage back! Yes we were compensated $300, thanks a lot Royal Caribbean No we have no idea where it is or if we will ever see it again, we are hoping we didn't have anything too valuable in there, but at this point cant remember. Yes we are very glad it was his and not mine!!! The last question we get about this is what did Luke do for those 7 days with nothing? Well... it was our honeymoon ;) Okay, Just kidding, he did what any of us would of done, bought clothes, used girl deodorant and razors, and made do with what we had. With that said I have to hand it to him, I don't know how he does it but somehow he manages to put on a happy face no matter what and make the best out of things. We found that I was the one angry at the front desk while he was at the pool with a drink, I guess opposites attract but that is one of my favorite qualities about him... His amazing patience.

Our honeymoon was not ruined, just a little delayed (the first 3 days we thought it was lost ON the ship so we were searching on a HUGE ship!) We met some great friends, and even made our own pub crawl to the 20 + bars on the ship, the reason for the fingers being held up in some pictures.

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  1. Great story Ash!!! I almost feel as if it was there. Oh wait I was there, and some luggage monster stole my bag too. Luke at least you got $300, the RC b-stards only gave me $233. I guess they knew what was in the bags, and it that case I want it back. As far as your pole question "a place to live", we should all move back on the ship. The luggage can come too.


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