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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old Men...

Luke had his annual Fontbonne alumni game on Saturday, this is the first year in a while that they lost! We left a little early for Peyton's party, so we can blame the loss on the fact that Luke wasn't there the last inning! ;)

Make a wish...

Luke's niece turned four last week, then we had her big party Saturday!
I cant believe how fast all the little ones are growing up!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Finished Kitchen!!

Notice the whole wall/ counter top that was no there before?
We might still stain another coat on some of the wood.

View from walking in from our garage
Shelf/ wine rack!

We love our new kitchen!
We are still going to add a backsplash, but probably going to do that ourselves so that will have to wait!

WIP aka, Work In Progress


Ignore messiness, we had to empty out some of the kitchen

of course Boomer doesnt stay far from the kitchen ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Well we met the counter top guys at our house this morning and they are working on our kitchen all day, we both went to work, we went back and forth about leaving them at our house alone, well with Boomer of course, but we decided it would be okay, I am going to leave work a little early today to make some final decisions and hopefully I will have pictures tomorrow of the finished product! yay!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michelle's Wedding!

Bride, Friends... and groom in back!
My mom and her friend Laurie at the wedding... Kisses from mom!

Beautiful rehearsal dinner

The Bride and I

Bride and groom on their way to get hitched!
Michelle got married Friday, she had a beautiful day, wedding, and reception, fun had by all! We all had a great time, and couldn't be happier for our good friend Michelle!
A non stop weekend has me now stopped in my tracks with what seems like strep... Gotta ditch these germs to get geared up for the next set of "I do's!"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ideas for hair!

Help! I need ideas for my hair for Michelle's wedding Friday! We are going to have a flower worn in our hair. I love the look of the low sleek bun, but not sure if the shorter pieces of my hair are long enough for this... I also don't really want my bangs down in my face all day,
Suggestions? Thanks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Boy Bennett!

Boomer didn't think too much of Bennett, wanted to know what that stuff was he was eating, but that's about it!
Aunt Ashley you are SO funny!

Luke and I made dinner together Saturday so we had Bennett all set up with us in the kitchen, he is not quite siting up on his own yet so we made up a super comfy area with pillows and blankets!
And LOTS of toys to chew on!

Look at what I can do Aunt Ashley!

Ahh ha ha... Mommy never lets me chew on kitchen towels and blankets... Luckily I washed this blanket right before Bennett came over and decided it was his new chew toy!

These are my best friends here on my favorite toy!

This weekend was so relaxing and nice, especially to get geared up for the next four!
Saturday night I told Crystal I would watch Bennett, they had a birthday party to go to, so he came over to "hotel Wilson" around 5 Saturday and hung out with fun Aunt Ashley and cool Uncle Luke, spent the night, and stayed Sunday till about 1:30! Bennett even slept through the night with us in the pack and play (thanks Megs!) And the best part, no poopy diapers for Aunt Ashley the whole time!

I think he had a pretty good time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maybe if I close my eyes...

Real tight... and count to ten... it will all be over...
Don't get me wrong I am, I am NOT a party pooper... not even close! And I am super excited for many upcoming events, however I get overwhelmed sometimes and this is one of them. Who doesn't right?!?

Whenever I even begin to think about the next two- three weekends I start feeling overwhelmed, and honestly I don't know how we are going to fit it all in. But we will. That is what we do...In the next three weekends we have about 5-7 events within the two little days the weekend holds... we are going to try to make it to ALL of them!

Luke and I are thinking about making some major changes to our kitchen as well... I am thinking about just closing my eyes getting this all over at once and hoping I wake up when it is all over... and not too many days of doing dishes in the bath tub!

Soon it will be winter and things will get quiet again... Till the lovely Christmas season that is!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Already Wednesday yay!

Girl Friends...

I have been blessed in my life with some of the best friends a girl could ask for!!!
Friday night I helped throw a couples shower for my friend Lauren who is getting married this October, This picture from the night made me stop and think how lucky I am to have a great close network of such amazing girls in my life.
Michelle on the right is one of the nicest kindest people I have ever met, if I have have a problem or need a helping hand she is there, she is also a great example of what God is, she always thinks about peoples feelings and does her best to make everyone feel special.
Meghan is next. I don't even know where to start with this one! As I try and think of what to say my mind is bombarded with so many memories and things we have been through together throughout the years. We became close right away freshman year of college when we both broke up with our high school boyfriends, we lived together all throughout college and she has been there for me a lot, she also was one of the first to introduce me to my amazing husband and she took all of the pictures for our table #s at our wedding.
Lauren ohh Lauren! We were freshman year roommates at college, we had both never lived with anyone and Lauren had never had a sister, we were so overjoyed when we met before school began when we found out neither of us were black nail polish wearing freaks! Lauren has a 2 year old princess Josie whom I adore Lauren and I have had our fair share of challenges but are now closer than ever! And Leslie! I was actually one of the first people that she met at a college party (go figure!) I walked up to her and told her I was going to introduce her to some people, (I am a year older) not too long after she started to date my best guy friend Jim. It took me a while to get used to this, because Jim used to be all mine, but since then we have grown to be very very close friends and I cherish our friendship very much, we are the same in so many ways and I look forward to her being in my life forever... hint hint Jim! ;)
We are also all very lucky that our husbands, fiances, and boyfriend Jim, all get along so GREAT together! Luke and Brian (2nd, and Laurens fiance) became Best long lost buds the first night they hung out!
Of course there are a few people missing from this post, Ash H, Shannon, Winnie, Jessie, Stephanie but after the past year and few months so much has changed for all of us, weddings, babies, new homes, health, etc...It is so nice that we have each other, right now and always, Love you all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our weekend

Luke and I have been so busy, both working a lot, helping to finish up the last weddings of the season, and many other events. So Friday we decided to have a much needed date night OUT. We try to have date night once a week but by the time we both get home from work we rarely want to go out again so we eat at home and visit which is fine. But Friday was great, I made us reservations at one of our favorite places Melting Pot, it is a fondue restaurant with four courses, the food and service are both great, and it is a long dinner with time to talk to each other without phones ringing, the TV on, and dog barking!
Saturday we both cleaned the house for a while in the morning then we went to one of the four St Peters pools, with our resident cards it is only $3 to get in and we were the only ones there for the first two hours, it was so nice! I finally got a new swimsuit so I don't have tan lines in my dresses for the weddings! Then we went out with some friends for a birthday Saturday night. The weather has been so completely amazing in Saint Louis it just makes everything so enjoyable, the highs have been 70 75 and 80 and it has gotten down to 65 a couple nights!
Of course we couldn't go the weekend without a couple of parties so Sunday I went to my moms friend Michelle's for a pool party, with the great weather it was more of a sit by the pool party! My mom has 5 great friends, the call themselves the Ya's, (after that movie I guess) they have always been there for all of us kids and each other it is a very neat group of woman. It was nice to visit with all the moms and the daughters for the afternoon, and I even got to sneak in a little nephew time! After that it was off to meet Luke at his brothers. His brother and sister in laws birthday fall two days apart so we got together for that. Their daughter is turning four in September and is as cute as can be! I secretly love that she hides from Uncle Luke but runs into my arms the second I get there! It was the great end to a great weekend!

Hope everyone else had a good one as well!