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Friday, October 26, 2012

Feeling ohh so very blessed

Luke and I have had a lot of hiccups in the little road of our life lately... and lets just say the RED October did not treat us so well this year, okay... I'll leave it at that.
When things happen, sometimes your sad, sometimes depressed, sometimes left questioning things. Many of the feelings I have been having lately however this week a new feeling... Blessed.

I'm blessed for.....
The husband who I've cursed and drives me crazy because he's mine and I love him.
The hyper crazy 2 year old running me ragged because he's doing exactly what he's supposed to, being a hyper crazy 2 year old.
My aching back, because it means my two year old is healthy and heavy and my baby bump is growing bigger by the day.
My sleepless nights, I have a warm bed to be snuggled in and a sweet baby inside of me kicking.
My crowded house, we have too many toys, too much in our pantry, a freezer busting at the seams and closets that are jam packed.
Going to sleep alone at night, it means my husband is busing his butt to make a good living for us.
A crazy exhausting work day, I am busy at work with orders, customers, and new projects all good things!
A mom who is trying, trying so hard. My mom was in the hospital last week and since out she seems to really be trying to get her health, diet, and medication all under control, praying this keeps up.
Friends, whether a text, call, taking Will on a day I needed someone, my friends have been there for me a lot lately and I am forever grateful for them.
Having nothing to wear because it means I'm growing right on track, and right out of my clothes! 
My wedding ring not fitting, means I am very well fed (maybe sometimes too well fed)
My son who makes me cry when he says "momma stay and play" because it means that he loves me and cherishes our time together. 
Weekends. I count down the hours and days till Luke, Will, and I have 2 small days together to be ourselves, act goofy, and be us.

When you really sit and think about all your problems your realize that's not really what they are at all but just little blessings in life leading you down a road of some big amazing blessings.

Momma and Will times snuggles, my favorite time of the day by far.

making pizza with Eliza last week on a day mama Michelle watched Will

Trying to keep my little chef entertained.

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  1. Great post :O) Hope November is a better month for you guys!


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