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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

17 week update and appt

Well friends we made it back from Florida.... in one piece.... barley.

And I am now 17 weeks pregnant!
Total weight gain: Still down from my 8 week appointment, but up two pounds from my 12 week.

Continuing symptoms: fatigue has gotten better, back ache has gotten much worse. My random weird rash is gone! After everyone scaring me on facebook that it could be pups and last till delivery, I started a regimen of benydrel and zyrtek, oatmeal baths, and within 3-4 days it was all gone. Thank God.

New Symptom: Nothing really. One day while we were on vacation I had that light headed, seeing black fuzzies, horrible wave of heat moment I had during the first trimester. I ran to the bathroom and with a bottle of water and bowl of cereal I was back to my old self again.

Maternity clothes: My dresses still fit fine, and tops, but bottoms are mostly maternity and a few comfy tops!

Sleep: Great, minus the crazy ass dreams; at first they were entertaining, now just annoying.

What I'm eating: Whatever I want (not worried about gaining too much yet) Mostly I crave somewhat healthy things besides the occasional Chinese, pizza, or ice cream.

Cravings: Ice Cream, and all sorts of yummy deserts.

Movement: The flutters have slowed WAY down...but I got that amazing reassurance at the doctor today hearing my sweetpeas heart beating away at 155-160bpm. No other exciting news from doctor, all looks well.

Labor signs: None

Special Pregnancy Moment: Luke is not sappy... I am. Its not always a good combo because it usually leaves me wanting more. I was watching Kendra the other night and they were taking about how she is hot or whatever... Luke unburies himself from the laptop from across the room and says, "babe, your hot, like hot like a model, hot." I immediately started crying, I told him I knew he was lying but its the fact that he lied to make me feel god, that's the best :)
I don't think I just look "chunky" any more, a lady at the beach came up to me while I was playing with Will and asked me how far apart they would be, I'm happy to not be just chunky.

16.5 weeks with my lil sweetpea beach shadow pic will have to do for now

Of course I will have to do a post or two about our amazing trip to Florida... but thought I'd update on "coming home" Our condo was about 40 minutes from the airport, flight at 11:30, we had everything ready, cleaned, all laundry even done. As we were scattered around tying up last minute things and eating breakfast Will walked into the kitchen and puked, a lot, almost dry heaving. SHIT. I chalked it up as a fluke and we cleaned up got everything ready and got on the road. About 30 minutes into the drive, he pukes again, mostly liquid all over the rental car and car-seat. SHIT. I pull over on the side of the highway and we clean him up (luckily we had a full suitcase of clean clothes) clean the car and car-seat the best we could, and as we were wrapping this up Luke realizes he forgot his backpack back at the condo SHIT. We really don't have enough time to go back, but with the ipad, wallet, phone, airplane necessities for a toddler, we go back, adding an hour to our drive (30 there 30 back) with a stinky sick baby. With the new plan after we drop the car we will get to the airport within minutes of take off. SHIT. It makes me nervous to be late in general much less the consequence of sitting in an airport for hours on end with a 5 and 1 year old. We get the backpack, steal a towel from the condo for whats sure to be more puking, and were on our way. I called the rental car co to make sure they'd be on standby with a shuttle once we got there, we made it dropped the car and checked in, once through security and to our gate the plane was boarding; group A had actually already boarded. Will and I booked it to the bathroom, as I peed and changed his clothes in record time and we were hoped on the plane! We made it! Hallelujah!
Will literally hasn't eaten anything since lunch on Friday, the nurse I spoke with this morning said it should last 2-3 days (looking like 3 or more here) he is at my moms today and I'm hoping feeling better... Nothing like coming home from a week long trip to a kid with the stomach flu; Just glad he didn't have it while we were gone!
One of Will and I's many siestas on our lovely trip

my poor bubby during landing, he couldn't keep his eyes open he was so drained {and white as a ghost}

home sweet home, feeling like crap but glad to be home.


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