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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A 4th to forget!

Sorry for the lame title, but our fourth was anything but one to remember! But I'll document it anyway.... 

Luke was leaving with his brothers Tim and Jake, and 13 of their closest friends for a golf trip in Michigan Thursday the 5th. So wouldn't you know it (lately I refer to it as Wilson luck) Tuesday we both come down with sore throats, acheys and all around just not feeling good. Luke loads himself with every remedy Walgreen's carried and was feeling better.... I on the other hand didn't want to take anything still being in my first trimester and woke up on the fourth of July, full blown sick! I could barley lift my head much less muster the courage to think about how I was going to do this alone, and work, and be a momma, for the next five days. Luke was great all day, and with the help of our parents for the next few days I made it through! Thursday I dropped Will off and went to work (exhausting in itself) and my dad sent me home for a nap around 2:30. Then Luke's dad and step mom came to take Will to dinner and to run around the mall till bedtime. Saturday my mom kept Will so I could sleep in and get some things done Sunday. 
Thank God for good family members! I wish sickness + toddler + pregnancy upon NO one! 
To top off my weekend I spent Friday afternoon not at my doctor but at Will's pediatrician but I think I'll leave that for a separate post. 
I think the thing that bummed me out the most was that I was so excited to have a fun family day for the fourth, see friends, go swim, and see fireworks (Will's never seen any) There's always next year I suppose. 

Luke had a great time and it was good for him to get away for a while, from work, from us ;) and from life...
Michelle had big baby boy Tucker 3 weeks ago (today) and he is doing great! I saw her in the hospital and we went over so Will and Eliza could play last week.

So because my ocd ways hate having posts without pictures.....
Will hugging Eliza goodbye, going to have to make these visits more frequent for sure!
my lil stinker.... built this "fort" around himself to poop.... major sign he's ready. Where do I begin???? help!

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