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Friday, April 20, 2012

single momma

I am a momma
I am tired, I am crabby, I am silly, I am messy. I am hungry. I like things clean but don't have the time, I like to look nice but would rather dress my son, I would like to eat but would rather feed my son. I am slap happy, I make up songs, I make up games. My neighbors think I'm crazy... I am a momma. I am a hormonal hot mess, I'd rather be napping than typing this. The minutes seem like hours till I get to see and hold my son again, he is my life. I take things out on my husband the one I love the most because... I am a wife. I am a momma the one who holds it all together for the ones she loves, schedules, shopping, bills, cooking, cleaning....

Daddy is out of town Wednesday through Sunday.... I wonder when momma will get a break.

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