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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

18 months of heart bursting love

William I cannot believe you, my little baby boy are 18 months old today! I want to hold on to the sweet moments with you forever, the hugs and kisses, the chatting, and the playing. You are growing and changing so much everyday, I wanted to take a minute and do a quick post all about you, William at 18 months.
Your Favorite Foods: cheese, raisin bread, bananas, grapes, (you call them balls) all fruit, milk, squeeze em pouches, yogurt drops, and jellybeans!
Your Favorite things to do: play on swing set outside, push mower around in the front yard, play with water, play dough, go to the park, and watch cartoons, especially mickey mouse! You love when I "get you" and tickle you on the couch or when we run around and I act like "I'm gonna get you!"
When we were at the doctor last week you were 27 pounds and mostly in all 24 mo/ 2T clothing
William you are talking up at storm, whether it be just babbly conversations or words; I don't even think I could count or list all the words you says. Favorite words: Mommer (boomer) and Mimi (mommy) you also just learned to say meese (please) which is so sweet! When you get really excited you yell "dadadada!"
Current bedtime is around 7:30 and wakes up around 6:30-7 most days two naps, some days just one.We sing a nigh, night, song and lately you've started to sing it with me.

Funny moments lately: Obsessions: you become quite obsessed with little things. The other day we got to Mama Michelle's and started to play and I noticed you were holding something, squeezing tight a baby carrot you had held in your lil hand for over the past hour that I had given you while I was packing my lunch.
When you find a little rock you like outside you hold it tight and even tried to smuggle it in the house in your mouth. the other day you spend about an hour washing and holding the same rock. I gave you a tiny little toy dinosaur and you carried it everywhere for two days whatever you did, it did.
Last night you were pointing to the flowers on the dinner table so I smelled them and brought them over for you to sniff (which you do in all your books with flowers) you get scared and backed away and when I put them back on the table you kept sniffing in the air like a little dog, you had dada and I laughing so hard! 
 Lovey: Your lovey is still Henley the bunny, you suck the tags on his butt for comfort and to fall asleep, you also have a big pillow pet in bed that you suck the tags on. You love your stuffed animals and love to play in bed!
Happy 18 months baby Will, and thank you for making me laugh everyday and making my life complete!
playing with a big box of rice

washing your rock

so excited to go swimming

feeding your dinosaur some milk

playing with play dough

trying to give momma a hug with a big messy face and hands :)

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