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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Will and his Mimi

For the past few weeks Will calls me Mimi, I'm not sure if he is trying to say mommy, (kinda doubt it since we call me mama/momma) another reason is he may hear me say it a lot. "Do you want ME?" "Let ME do it" "Hold on, wait for ME"  At first it was annoying, he was all... Mimi Mimi Mimi. Now that its grown on me a couple weeks I don't mind it too much.

Mrs Wilson just reminded me that sometimes we need a pat on the back... from ourselves! Last week Luke got called out of town on work at the last minute, so off he went after a busy weekend {more on our first swim lessons later} left our house at 4:30 am to catch a flight to Virgina. It was just Will and I for the next 5 days, getting ready in the morning, packing lunches, lonely dinners, and a one woman show at dinner/bed/bath times. Did I stress about this a few days prior Yes. Of course I did. But...  I made it, not late, not stressed, a little "unkept" we may have been on some days... but hey, who isn't! We even made it to a work out class, library story time, and dinner with the girls.
The lesson? You never know how much your spouse helps till they're gone and for me its a little reminder to be thankful for what they do...taking the baby downstairs so you can finish getting ready in peace without someone trying on your mascara, playing on the floor while you make dinner, and taking over the bath routine so you can have a glass of wine and finish up work from the day.... even though it feels like its not much its more helpful than the one woman show exhaustion escapade!
Thank you Luke, I love you and appreciate everything you do for us! 
of course I cant take all the credit for everything....

If Will wasnt a tad obsessed with Mimi before this week.... ohh boy was he ever come Friday.

After a long week we had a fun family day at the magic house! :)

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