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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rainy day activites

 I've been trying to organize some pictures so I thought I'd do a quick post.
 So simple yet kept him entertained forever! Dry pasta shells and Tupperware, he loved filling up, dumping out, transferring from container to container, even transferring from container to his mouth, he was surprised how hard these little pastas were, I guess he's used to the soft noodles!

dumping out

feeling it in his mouth

 BUBBLES! We love to do bubbles, I got the Gymborree bubble blower and refills, its easy to do and the bubbles stay tact for a long time!
This was good because it was daddys turn to do bath so this kept them busy and I got a nice dinner made!

 Tried this one I saw on pintrst the other night, I already had food coloring so all I had to buy was a cheap (1.00!) thing of shaving cream, I made three colors and he went to town. He liked this activity but I thought it wuodl last longer than it did. I'll do it again for sure but maybe make a little less next time!

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