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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Handtrum Tandtrums

Ohh my dear William, you think you rule the world, but really who am I kidding? You do rule our world!

Will has recently learned the beginnings of throwing a tantrum and on a lovely Monday he proceeded to do so three-four times. He is such an independent little boy at this age that he hates holding my hand, and unfortunately this is one of my few rules.
On our way into Mama Michelle's (he's been wanting to walk, not be carried) he refused to hold my hand and plopped down to the ground and pouted. When I tried to stand him up he's knees went weak and back down he went, not screaming crying, just a sitting duck, so sad. So in my arms he went.
We stopped at babies r us on our way home because they had a good deal on "squeeze em's"... same thing, only this time in the parking lot, in front of people trying to get by.
Then just like any other one of these gorgeous days we've been having we went out front to play and Will accidentally saw a colorful box leaned up against the wall, seems the Easter bunny had her hands full when unloading from a target trip. (Did I mention were re-doing our laundry room and I went to target 4 times Sunday? UGH!) I decided to bring it in and give it to him early but he was so mad he couldn't have it right then and there in the middle of the garage.... you guessed it, lather, rinse, repeat.....I guess this is our new thing for now when things don't go Will's way!
He is also totally in between needing one or two naps, one day he's fine with one, the next there is no way we'll make it to 2 pm before a 2nd nap is needed. I think we may stay in this transition phase for a while because there is no way I can push off his morning naps to 11 or 12 which is where they'll need to be at for a one nap a day life.When did your kids go to one nap and what time was the one nap?

Wills "Easter" present

playing peekaboo at dinner

I think we skipped 18mo clothing, this boy is in all 24 mo and this little budda belly still pokes right out

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