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Monday, February 13, 2012

Dog, Dog, Dog, Dog....

I am a bad mom and let Will watch tv every once in a while. 1. he loves it  2. it helps me get dinner together clean up etc whenever I need a little break 3. it helps him unwind after a crazy day.
I know it is bad but with working full time the way I see it, he is going to watch tv every once in a while and that's okay.
I digress....
His favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse usually he'll just try to put it on with the remote or reach his little fingers up to the dvr box and start pressing, until it magically mommy turns on. Will is obsessed with dogs, he loves them and he thinks Boomer is his best friend ever. {little does he know Boomer dreams of the pre-baby days} so lately he has just been walking around saying dog dog dog dog dog, he says it pretty good but really pronounces the "g" which is kinda funny. If you've ever seen Mickey, at the end of each episode they do the "hot dog dance" so I finally figured out the other day that was his new way to say he wanted to watch mickey!
My mom has Will today so he went to spend the night over there last night, I called to check on him this morning and of course he slept in over there, still NO idea why he gets up at 6 am at our house and 8 or 9 there, I need to figure it out though so I can try to get him to sleep later at home! My mom said she heard him through the monitor this morning when he woke up saying, dog, dog dog, because he also has a slight obsession with her dog.... that is a little more his size!

Watching Mickey while being silly, the usual.
Luke, Will and I were all sick, all weekend. I have not been this sick in a long, long time. To the point that you feel like if you talk or move your head might explode! I am finally starting to feel somewhat human again today, but there was some definite dog watching in our house over the weekend, and needless to say no valentines day celebrating. Hoping the mr and I can go do something fun together soon! So many times we get sitters its for a party, a wedding, etc, it'd be nice to get to just relax the two of us!

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