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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Need your opinion!

Were having our pictures taken on Saturday.... Haven t had good ones of us three taken since Will's newborns. Were thinking of going to old town st charles and I am thinking of dressing casual instead of the normal boring black sweater, I was thinking about doing long sleeve tee and my puffy vest and jeans.
Just wanted to do someting a little different, other suggestions?

If I go this route, what would Mr.Will wear?

Thanks so much in advance, the nerves of a 16 month old cooperating for a photo shoot are already getting the best of me! ;)


  1. Yay for new pics! What color vest do you have? If it is brown, I would do a brown/cream color scheme and maybe an blue accent. I like the idea of casual. Def do not worry about Will cooperating either b/c the pics will be cute either way whether they show his true colors at this age or not ;) Can't wait to see them!

    1. My vest is dark green, so I was going to wear like a tan under that... Luke doesnt have anything matchy so he'll be in navy blue I think...


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