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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to reality and goal setting!

We normally get Christmas eve and day off and then new years day, sometimes new years eve. This year was awesome, if only every year could be like this year! Last weekend I was off for 4 days, and new years weekend I was off 5 days! 5 days! Luke on the other hand, he's lucky if he gets Christmas day off, seriously... and that is the only day we had off with him last weekend. With non teaching jobs it RARELY happens that you get a day off and get to stay at home and do whatever you want. Usually we are out of town, on vacation, tending to a sick baby or our sick selves, if were so lucky to leave work while sick. But these past 5 days were awesome and I could not have asked for anything more. 

We had Luke's moms Christmas celebration, Luke got to golf with his brothers, His brother and new sister in law stayed with us so we got to see them, got to go see Jim and Leslie's new house, shop, clean the house, organize the house complete with two new organizing pieces from target, cleaned all baseboards in the house, ordered us brand new couches with my Christmas bonus {yahooo!} cleaned out fridge, freezer, and pantry, went to a wedding, hung out with my mom/meemaw, and theres tons more I'm sure!

I took an extra day off {Thursday} and I'm thinking I may have to prolong the holidays a little longer every year. Luke's mom had Will yesterday, and she said she could totally tell he was just with me for 5 days straight, she said shes never gotten so many kisses, hugs, snuggles and he even said his first Gigi! 
Monday I made us a YUMMY, crock pot white chicken chili that we've been eating on for a few days, love meals like that. Easy peasey and just created 6 + meals! 
Saturday Boomer started limping really bad, like to the point that we were carrying him down stairs, it has gotten better but not completely gone, we have no idea what he did, and with being 8 years old it is always a little scary :(

I wanted to share some goals I have for myself for 2012....You know get them out there into the universe. 
{in no particular order} 
- Try to spend more QUALITY time with Will, not playing while folding laundry or while cooking, JUST PLAYING. 
- WORK OUT, no excuses just do it. Attend work out classes, work out in the morning, or evening. Just do it. 
- Eat healthy most of the time, and really try to watch the portion control. {I am hoping these specifics will be better than just saying, lose weight, get in shape} 
- Cut back on the caffeine in take, its not bad, but it could be better... and in case I ever need to eliminate this will help. 
- Cut back on the Vino intake.... again its not bad but it could definitely be better!! And it will help the waistline too! 
- Less time "staying in touch" this one may sound weird, but I am TOO good at keeping in touch with people sometimes, and as Will gets older he is going to start noticing it. I need to start putting down the phone, stop answering emails and just be present more often. 

- And Lastly, just be a better, happier, more well rounded person, {that is what all the things above are supposed to help me do} 
Like I said I am very, very excited for 2012 and all that God has in store for my little sweet family and I! 

Lil Will and Henley; Will loves Henley to pieces especially the tags on his bottom!

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