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Friday, January 27, 2012

16 months, randomness, lazy, and babies!

Not much has been going on, and when were not working, or running around chasing Will we've just been one thing... lazy. Were almost through the worst of winter, knock on wood, so I guess its justified. I cant wait to be able to go on a walk outside again, or just go run errands and not freeze! Maybe that is why I have been playing travel agent and lining up some trips for the spring, I cant wait!

I cant believe Will is going to be 16 months old next week, AND that my nephew will be 3 years old next month, where did the time go? My little ham ball can now CHEESE at the camera, has been refusing to eat dinner, loves loves loves putting lids on and off things and filling things up and dumping them out. He is just my sweet as pie little baby still, but this little baby is turning into more of a toddler day by day. {insert tears} Most days tears are shed as we have to put our jacket on and little tasks like this, apparently there are much more important things he needs to be doing. I am trying to remember that I am the boss, but sometimes its hard... because really I'm not.
Independence must be the next thing on the brain at this age, which leads us to Will's first chore; he has learned when we let Boomer inside we go straight to the pantry and give him a treat... now getting Mr. Independent to let go of the treat is a different story.... Poor dog.
16 months and things to remember: ~I washed and dried an entire deck of cards, thanks for the help with the laundry William!   ~He's learned to throw Boomers toys for him, this can be good and bad, he has also learned to say and repeat repeat repeat: MOOOOMER   ~Says, GO GO GO and waves his hands at dogs.
~ Current favorite song: head, shoulders... loves to point to his head, eyes, ears etc.    ~After bath time we turn music on and dance, right when it comes on he gets so excited!  ~Went to see baby Cohan at home, he was peacefully sleeping in his swing and the first thing Will does is picks up two toys and throws gives them to the baby, apparently he thought that baby was bored and needed some toys :)   ~ Current bedtime: 7:30 wake around 6:30  still taking two naps but thinking we need to switch to one, not looking forward to the transition.

I am still obsessed in love with pintrest, and I have tried lots of new recipes on there lately! We have been doing great at cooking at home, taking leftovers for work and pinching some extra pennies.We treated ourselves to a new couch with some Christmas money and next up may be a master bath or laundry room mini remodel. Pintrest.... said money saver, turned upside down!
Does anyone else ever look on there and then feel like they have sooo much they should be doing?
After an hour on pintrest I feel like I need to: 1. get my a*# up and work out 2. dress much better 3. be a better mom and plan better things for kids to do 4. remodel every room in our home 5. make every gift I give from coffee filters, and spray paint 6. cook more, cook more, cook more 7. take better and more photographs.......   ohh well ;)

It seems like lately everyone I know is either pregnant or just had a baby! Its awesome, and a little overwhelming all at the same time, lots of gifts to buy and babies to see! My friend Jessie just welcomed baby Cohan on December 27th, Brian and Natalie welcomed their baby girl Emerson, 5 pounds! And some other friends just welcomed baby Madison. I think the cats out now that my lovely mama Michelle will welcome a baby end of June, and there's lots more! Must of been a busy 2011, {wink wink}

stacking cups in the tubby

watching mickey mouse before bed, our routine.

my crazy little man, love this guy!
He ran around with this bowl on his head for at least 30 minutes....

before deciding to use it as some sort of rocking device, good idea!
Welcome Sweet Baby Cohen, one day old.


  1. you Will sound sounds so much like my miss thang.
    Pinterest....ohhh how did i live without that website:) I agree with your 110% so much to do...thanks pinterest:)

  2. I tagged you in my latest post. Hope you have time to answer:)


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