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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's December!

We'll its December and that can only mean one thing, busy, busy, and.more.busy!!! We did thanksgiving, went on our trip, and now were home and back to reality. My friend Ashley was in town this weekend and now this week I have something going on every single night after work. The weekends are all fully booked until after the new year so whats a momma to do? Well online shop of course! Get groceries during lunch, multitask and do the best we can!

My parents had Will for a few days while we were gone and named him: The Genius! They were so impressed with how much he knows and how advanced he is... tooting our horn of course, but why not ;)

Started the week of wonderfully with a crib full of puke! Hoping it was a fluke I took him to the sitters and wouldn't you know it an hour later I got a call to come get him, he had the pukes all morning but then was fine. It was pretty weird, but I sure am glad my little snuggle bug is feeling better!

Michelle is doing a Christmas theme every week this month, last week gingerbread man, this week snowmen, I love all of the fun christmasy characters!

After much contemplation we've decided to forego the tree this year, reasons being: 1. Will, he WILL get into it and we will have like 10 ornaments up. 2. We are exhausted and putting up and pulling down when we could catch a cat nap or clean up the house seems silly 3. I don't remember being 13 months old and looking at a tree 4. for the rest of my life basically I will HAVE to put it up so this is the only year I can get away with it. and lastly 5. we are not hosting anything this year, I really hope one of the families will let me host something next year and you know the house will be decked out!

Lots of posts and pictures to come! Happy Holidays everyone!
 Will's St. Nick gift... I love this tradition kicks off the season!
 Will has been obsessed with his bunny "Henley" lately, even inststed he eat snack with him.
We went from wake up around 6:30-7 normal, to about 5:30 UGH it is so hard to get up and it still be dark for about an hour and a half, we are some TIRED Wilson's lately!

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